Formerly Portland Cement Association (PCA) software, the StructurePoint (SP) suite includes design and analysis software for reinforced concrete beams, columns, mats, walls, slab systems, and frame analysis. While most of our 8000 licensees are in the professional engineering practice, StructurePoint has developed a program (spAcademic) for academic and educational institutions to easily access and utilize our software and resources in order to prepare students for the engineering industry. The software is provided in a variety of license styles to fit the educator/instructor's program.

What is spAcademic?

spAcademic is a dynamic interactive program that aims to provide assistance (resources and technical support) to educators in academic and research institutions worldwide. The program is flexible and can be customized based on the educator's needs. It can be used as supplementary material in a design or analysis course, or comprehensively customized to cover design theory and software application in the format of a complete course. The program has three major components:

  • Teaching Aids: including design examples, position papers, video tutorials, publications, technical manuals, and technical articles.
  • Technical Support: spAcademic will be customized based on the educator's needs, all material will be edited and customized to fit the expertise of the target audience.
  • Discounts: dicounted access to the SP software suite to enhance education of reinforced concrete buildings and structures design.
When can spAcademic be used?

spAcademic is structured to cover the analysis and design of Reinforced Concrete (RC) members from basic theories, assumptions, and techniques, to special topics and unique scenarios for advanced levels. The flexibility of spAcademic is a powerful feature that educators can utilize to customize a program to fit the target audience's education and/or experience level.

Who would benefit from using spAcademic?

spAcademic can be used in colleges & universities by faculty instructors as a teaching aid for Reinforced Concrete Design I, Reinforced Concrete Design II, and Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design courses. Also, educators & training coordinators in professional engineering pracitices can use spAcademic as a teaching aid for training junior/senior engineers basic/advanced analysis and design, and how to properly and efficiently use software to achieve economical design quickly, simply, and accurately.

Why use spAcademic?

Students who complete the spAcademic program will be more marketable to the engineering and construction industry by being more knowledgeable and efficient, since they learned how to properly use computer software to analyze and design reinforced concrete structures. They will also be equipped with access to the tools and resources spAcademic provides.